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"When I was little, people would come up to me and do karate chops and say, ‘Oh, you’re Chinese, you must know karate.’ I hated that."

In defiance of childhood taunts, Liu took up karate, Thai boxing and kali-escrima pentjak silat (knife and stick fighting). "So," she says, "if someone asks me if I know karate, I can say, ‘Yeah, I do, and I can kick your ass.’

Gates McFadden aka Dr. Crusher from Star Trek poses like a Queen with the King! (x)

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x-men: first class + colors

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Fouad Sarkis - Spring Summer 2014 + Details

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Did you know Loren Bouchard not only created Bob’s Burgers, but also wrote the theme song? Listen as he breaks it down layer by layer.

Special appearance by H. Jon Benjamin, voice of Bob.


i think about this video almost every day and i am so frightened of it

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Madison Headrick in “Red Crush” by Kai Z Feng for Harper’s Bazaar China, April 2014